Snow Lake 70th Anniversary
a celebration of home, family, and roots
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Our Meetings

The planning that has taken place to bring about the celebration.

70th Committee October 2016 monthly meeting

After their September meeting drew scant numbers, several new people heeded the Snow Lake 70th Anniversary Committee’s call for help with the summer celebration.  There were eleven people who showed up to the October committee meeting and all were willing to do their part.  It seemed members felt eleven people was a very good start, but still nowhere near the number that will be needed to pull off the event.  There also appeared to be a consensus that although many aren’t interested in attending regular meetings, they are willing to help out… committee members just need to start hearing from more of these people.
    Chairperson Penny Roberts opened October’s ‘70th’ meeting at 7:00 p.m.; those in attendance were: Vice Chair Wilma Pocket, Treasurer Richard Jones, Secretary Brittany Hilderman, Canada Day Committee Chair Margaret Yoder, Members Peter Roberts and Marc Jackson, Attendees showing interest: Tom Fleming, Keith Scott, Lars Stoltz, and his friend Cheryl.
    Roberts began by going over a tentative list of events, dates and times.  Thus far, these include, but are not limited to: Starting at 5:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. Thursday, June 29th, registration and a Royal Canadian Legion/Snow Lake Motor Inn sponsored Main Street Party (last call 11:00 p.m.); 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. Friday, Pancake Breakfast; From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday is something called ‘Main Street Daze’, which is an open door event for all Snow Lake’s Main Street and Home Based businesses; Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. sees Snow Lake Mining Museum tours take place; Friday, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Registration; Friday at 2:00 p.m. ‘Memory Lane’ opens in the Lawrie Marsh Community Hall and will run for the entire weekend, this will also be a quieter place for people to sit, chat, or visit; Friday, 8:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m. Canada Day Social with the band ‘Your Mom’s New Boyfriend’ (tentative) in the Wilfred T. Lipton Arena; Saturday, 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. Pancake Breakfast at the Senior Centre; Canada Day Festivities, including a parade, children’s events, food booth, and beer garden will run till 6:00 p.m. at Sunset Bay Beach; Fireworks setup at beach, display at dusk (There will be discussion with the Fire Department about doing the Fireworks on the Sunday, so that firefighters can enjoy Canada Day with their families.  This would have some bearing on a Teen Beach Volleyball tournament planned to take place on the beach court either Saturday or Sunday); Saturday 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Children’s Princess and Super Hero Party at the Lawrie Marsh Hall; Sunday 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the Northern Tykes Daycare; 11:00 a.m. Interdenominational Church Service; Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. North Stars/Oldtimer Hockey Golf Tournament (also talk of a mixed tournament that would happen at some point on Friday, June 30th); Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Senior Games at the Senior Centre; Sunday, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Pontoon Boat Tours of Snow Lake; Sunday, 6:00 p.m. ‘Beef on a Bun’ at the Wilfred T. Lipton Arena (it is hoped that the Kate Rice Play would take place just after this meal and in the same venue, with a Talent Contest following this and ending at 10:00 p.m.) The Chair also advised that she’d like to see a pre-registration for the 70th  take place between January 1, 2017 and March 30, 2017.
    Roberts then opened the floor up to discussion, or to any new ideas attendees wanted to bring forward. 
    Discussion revolved around having downtime for people to visit during festivities.  It was felt that having ‘Memory Lane’ running all weekend and tables set up and coffee on in the Lawrie Marsh Hall would allow people to do just that. 
    Camping accommodations were also a topic.  The Chairperson will approach both Town Council and the School Division for use of areas adjacent to their buildings to set up campers and tents.  Their Washroom/Shower facilities will also be asked for.  These lots will be handed out on a first come first serve basis.
    It was noted that sponsorship letters will be going out soon, as well as a call for the design of a 70th logo.   It was proposed that a contest be run to come up with the logo.  It will be advertised in the Underground Press and on the Facebook page; Marc Jackson offered to donate advertising through the paper, as well as take on publicity for the event and operate the Facebook page.  This was agreed.  The committee hopes there will be enough interest to be able to pick a logo for the 70th at their December meeting.
    Chairperson Roberts also stated that it would be nice to have a local band take on emceeing duties, as well as performing fill in music, during the July 2nd Talent Contest (she will approach them).  Six judges (who will remain unknown to everyone) are required for this talent show.  It is hoped people interested in doing this will step forward… perhaps some of the people who are visiting.
    Registration for the celebration will be $20 and will include a hat emblazoned with the new logo (or possibly a T-Shirt), and ‘Beef on a Bun’ supper tickets.  Money raised by registration and other committee fundraisers will be used for fireworks ($5,000), closing in ‘Henry’s Hut’ with drop sides, a site situated storage shed, cost shared with other groups who would use it (a $22,000 cost shared grant has been applied for in this respect), banners, and several sun shelters, which would be used during the weekend and kept in storage for others needing them.  If any money remains at the end of the celebration, it will be kept in the community to be used by groups in need.
    Secretary Brittany Hilderman arrived from work for the meeting and brought with her a host of great ideas for the weekend and leading up to it; much of what she spoke of was new, exciting, and outside the normal weekend or fundraising fare.  Hilderman’s ideas for the celebration were still being fleshed out, so it was thought they would be confirmed prior to being announced.  However, Ms. Hilderman updated the committee on her work organizing a ‘Paint Night’ fundraiser.  She stated that there is, “a ton of interest in the community and the people who offer it are totally willing to come up and do it.” Hilderman said there would be enough interest to do five of the ‘Paint Nights’.  She also proposed a ‘Fiddle Jam’ supper, put on by the committee, which would showcase the top fiddlers in Frontier School Division’s Area 4.  She has had preliminary discussion with the teacher and will continue to work on it.  A bottle drive after Christmas was another idea, as was a ‘Casino Night’ using monopoly money, with prizes for winners.  The Chair asked if the committee really needed the money.  Hilderman stated that she thought, yes.  “We should start an ‘Anniversary Fund’ and have a little bit of money in the bank,” she said.  “So when they go to do the 75th or whatever, there is money there… a start-up fund, say $2000; because we had nothing.”
    Talk moved to sponsorship and Lars Stoltz proposed doing a ‘Sponsorship Board’ with supporter’s names burned into it.  The committee liked this, as it would be something permanent left over from the event.  The idea of a commemorative board for permanent display was also debated.  Stoltz brought a friend along with him, Cheryl, who does welding and the metal ‘Welcome’ sign at the entrance to Snow Lake proper was discussed.  She could cut off the ‘60th’ and ‘2007’ and replace them with ‘70th’ and ‘2017’ as well as do some maintenance on the sign and its mooring.  Further talks will take place.
    Prior to wrapping up, there was talk of restaurants being open during the weekend (the chair will discuss this with local establishments) and whether enough chairs and tables would be available locally, or they would have to be rented. The committee’s next meeting will be held November 7th at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers. Locals are urged to attend.        
70th Committee November 2016 monthly meeting

The Snow Lake 70th Committee met on the evening of Monday, November 7th with a light agenda and only six members in attendance.  They were: Chairperson Penny Roberts, Secretary Brittany Hilderman, Canada Day Committee Chairperson Margaret Yoder, Members, Peter Roberts, Gerard Lamontagne, and Marc Jackson.
    Chairperson Roberts began the meeting by confirming that pre-registration for the celebration will cost $20 and take place between January 1, 2017 and March 31, 2017.  It will serve to confirm numbers of those attending.  Those registering early – via email/facebook/mail - will also receive a free 70th t-shirt and be able to have any questions or concerns addressed.
    Roberts then asked Gerard Lamontagne to overview the kick off (Thursday) Street Party and he confirmed times and the setup of the street.  Full registration (pick up of registration package) for the weekend will take place at the outset of the street party, as well as during the day Friday and at the Canada Day Social.
    Margaret Yoder was asked about whether the firefighters were open to changing days of the fireworks.  She advised that she had met with the Fire Chief, but he wanted to discuss the suggestion with the department before answering.
    An overview of the plans for any money garnered by the committee over the weekend and with it a discussion took place on closing in ‘Henry’s Hut’ and construction of a garage to house community event materials.  This discussion moved into possible fundraising opportunities to finance these projects with an eye on leaving something lasting in the community to remember the celebration by.
    Lamontagne was asked if the Rose Room would be open during the weekend.  He replied that it was a ways done the road, but he felt regular hours would prevail during the event.  Other facilities will be asked if they will do the same.
    When Brittany Hilderman arrived from work, discussions took place over plans for events on Sunday and tentative plans for the 70th supper in the ballpark across from the beach.
    Jackson reported that the Snow Lake Book Club; made up of Cathy Stabback, MaryAnn Otto, Leone Jackson, Bernadine Fourier, and Roxane Lamontagne, will take on the  project of researching and listing the names of all the people who have lived in Snow Lake’s many homes.  They will try to lever information through the Town of Snow Lake and ask for their help in accessing records at the Neepawa Land Titles Office.  Once information is received it could be written on Bristol Board and then staked on the lawn of each community residence… sort of ‘Staking a Claim’.  A further update will be given by a Book Club member at the next meeting.
    The chairperson confirmed that Darren Strelezki and his family will donate refurbishing of the ‘Welcome to Snow Lake’ sign on the highway.  He is in the process of having ‘70th’ and ‘2017’ fashioned in Saskatoon and will replace the ‘60th’ and ‘2007’ when they arrive.  Roberts said that he will take the lean out of the sign as well.  All committee members were very pleased and appreciative of the Strelezki’s donation and their community spirit.  To show their appreciation, the couple will be offered tickets to the Canada Day Social and their names will be placed on the sponsorship board.
    The logo contest was discussed and as yet there are no entries.  Gerard Lamontagne volunteered to try and come up with something.  He also advised that he could talk to his supplier in respect to 70th t-shirts.  There was also talk of having a hashtag for the weekend, a contest for the number of photos posted on social media and ways getting registration information out to possible attendees.  Facebook shares, The Underground Press, word of mouth, and posters will be relied on for this.
    The committee’s next meeting is on December 5th at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Office.  Everyone is welcome… please make every effort to attend! 
70th Committee December 2016 monthly meeting

The December 5, 2016 meeting of the Snow Lake 70th Committee was called to order by Chairperson Penny Roberts at 7:00 p.m.
    Those in attendance were: Chairperson Penny Roberts, Member Peter Roberts, Member Marie Pettipas, and Canada Day Committee Chairperson Margaret Yoder.
    On the financial end of things, an account has been set up at the local RBC and members with signing authority were urged to sign in on the account later in the week. There will be two signatures required on any chque and those with signing authority are Treasurer Richard Jones, Secretary Brittany Hilderman, Member Peter Roberts, and Chairperson Penny Roberts.
    A number of items and issues were discussed, these were: Canada 150 Grant - The 70th Committee was unsuccessful in their application for a Canada 150 grant, as a result, more discussion will take place at the January 2, 2017 meeting in respect to fundraising and the proposed legacy initiative modifications to Henry’s Hut.
    Helicopter Rides - Marc Jackson advised that a suggestion was made via a post on the 70th Facebook page in relation to helicopter rides during the celebratory weekend.  If approved as an activity by the committee, he would be willing to contact Gogal Air and see about setting this up.  The Committee agreed it was a welcome initiative and Jackson will follow up.
    Yard Staking - Leone Jackson has advised that the initiative to place a sign in each community yard denoting who past and present residents were/are will be taken on by the Snow Lake Book Club.  They will provide more information as the celebrations approach.
    Fireworks – Canada Day Chairperson, Margaret Yoder informed the committee that Snow Lake’s Volunteer firefighters have decided the Fireworks will take place, as usual, on Canada Day. Yoder further advised that the Daycare may not be able to do the Sunday July 2nd Pancake Breakfast due to a lack of volunteers.
    Pancake Breakfast – Marie Pettipas and Gerard Lamontagne will look into providing the Friday July 1st Pancake Breakfast and get back to the committee.
    Paint Nights - Although Secretary Brittany Hilderman wasn’t able to be in attendance, she advised the Chairperson that several ‘Paint Nights’ would be taking place at a variety of times in the Snow Lake Motor Inn and Snow Lake Seniors’ Centre on December 10 – 11, 2016.  People are being encouraged to attend one of these fun events and in the process support the 70th Committee’s fundraising efforts.
    Logo Contest – The committee received four entries in the logo contest with a submission by Marcy Bast tying with one by Cathy Stabback. The thought was to have one on the front of t-shirts and the other on the back.  If the cost to do this is too great, the committee settled on going with one logo - Marcy Bast’s.  Gerard Lamontagne will supply a cost for t-shirts (done front and back) from his supplier and two other quotes will be obtained as well. The committee was appreciative of all who took part in the contest!
    Sponsorship Letters - Letters inviting sponsorship will be sent out to community businesses prior to month’s end. Local businesses will also be contacted also to see if they wish to be a part of ‘Main Street Days’. Home based businesses would also be invited to set up a table on Main Street and sell their product(s).
    Beer for a Year fundraiser – The Chairperson advised she will be apply for a license to sell tickets for a ‘Beer for a Year’ draw starting in the New Year. Tickets will be $20 and 500 will be printed.   
The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.
    Subsequent to the meeting, the Chairperson stated that two new people will join the committee -  Andrew Smith and Shelley Brown. “Shelley is looking into what the 12 to 17 year old's would like to see take place or take part in,” said the chairperson.